We are the "frontline" of the Jesus Movement

2018 0420 Webster Prayer on Flight Deck.jpg

Priests in the Armed Forces, Veteran's Hospitals and with the Federal Bureau of Prisons minister daily to God's people in thrilling locations and in demanding situations...

2018 0420 Webster Prayers in Engineering.jpg

We are Episcopal priests...

following Jesus into loving, liberating and life-giving relationship with God alongside the military and veterans

2018 0420 Webster Prayers during live fire drills.jpg

Chaplain Philip Webster

prays with sailors in the US Navy aboard the USS BULKELEY

CH Baker and Zak (2).jpg

Chaplain Andrea Baker

serves in the Army Reserves alongside Zak, the service dog, connecting with troops in her healing ministry

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Chaplain Paul Minor

serves as co-rector with his wife in a parish and as chaplain with his National Guard unit.

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Chaplain Martha Kester

serves as rector of a parish and as chaplain with her National Guard unit